KW Luxury San Miguel Lifestyle

Por José Alfredo Gutiérrez Falcón

San Miguel de Allende’s lifestyles drifts from the friendly smiles of those who cultivate a fresh organic mode de vie passing by the pleasures of the fanciest restaurants who freshly harvest for a hearty cuisine.

The town’s atmosphere is sensed in every nook; from the main square “El Jardin Principal” through all its streets and to the spectacular KW Luxury’s listings, with the best locations. San Miguel de Allende’s magic is a mix of beautiful objects swiveling around its iconic Parrish on any given season.

It is a true pleasure to stroll down in this World Heritage City. A family getaway week-end can be proven to become quite special, touring its beautifully cobbled streets, visiting the very green Park Juarez or simply playing Golf at sun down to unveil mesmerizing sunsets.

Moseying about San Miguel de Allende to discover fabulous hand-crafted pieces and peculiar creations; to appreciate traditional colors and shapes at the popular markets is the perfect counterpart of the luxurious malls’ exhibiting cutting-edge designs and art-objects

The adventure of Coexisting with nature is part of the quality of life of this city who bore Don Pedro Vargas, Mexico’s number 1 Tenor during de 50’s. One of its most unique attractions is the 500-year-old colossal cypress on the nearby community of “La Huerta”. Also you can enjoy with friends and family endless hours of fun on horse, 4×4 motorcycles or zip lines, until dawn.

On of this extraordinary town´s delights are the landscapes it offers. One can see the pose of wild colorful birds resting on its Cactaceae; the whiz of the humming bird is an astounding event to feel time suspended by these splendid winged creatures.

Wellness and health are very respected trends in this city where good vibes gush all over town. Also to be on your best spiritual frequency you can enjoy Holistic Therapy, Hot Spring Water, Yoga and a relaxing Temazcal, Mexican Sauna.

When it comes to Fashion, San Miguel de Allende surprises us with its selection of shoes, dresses and jewelry from prestigious designers; as well as unseen before handicrafts, take place in markets and up beat window displays, to achieve singular new looks for those who dare.

Talking about viticulture history is founded today and is projected into the future onto a successful destiny. On the same soil where the vines were once cultivated during the Conquista, the vineyards have flourished again to produce wine. And impressive ones, as that may be, are the international harvest awards collected by some of the finest bottles.

San Miguel de Allende has also a growing industry when it comes to destination weddings; in constant growth and becoming each day more specialized and ready to challenge any wedding organization worldwide. Encouraging the arrival of more visitors from around the globe, who come to enjoy the “Mojigangas”, gigantic puppets in a typical “Callejoenadas”, street promenade along with band music and “Mariachis”

The amber sunset colors of San Miguel de Allende is best appreciated amongst friends and family with a tequila or mezcal as well as its unmatched artisan beers.

And who better than KW Luxury to invite you into the glamourous life of San Miguel de Allende!

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