Rentería Bakery

The magic in San Miguel de Allende is cooked with low heat, since prehistoric times.  A day to day gathering of new talents and new ingredients help preserve the enchanting aromas, colors and flavors.

The millenary wildfire is fundamental to the charm of this World Heritage city. Hundreds of ovens take in exquisite receipts to later deliver dishes to the best Bistro’s in this new Mexican gastronomy destiny.    

In the year 2007 Rentería Bakery emerged. The sophisticated taste of the sanmigulenses found mouthwatering textures in their delicious and nutritious home-baked bread.

 Rentería Artisan Boulanger is family owned, engaged in the quality, taste and health. Most of its products are vegan, low in salt, and free in animal fat and with very little sugar.

Rodolfo Rentería won Lisette Romo’s MOA Mezcal bottle, and now he renders in return 10 pieces of his extraordinary craft. 

There will be 5 winners of two pieces each of Rentería bread, available at Mercado Sano, Via Organica and Remo’s

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  1. Lisa Erickson

    on said  

    Renteria Bakery is amazing, The bread is flavorful, fresh and there are so many different varieties being baked daily. I highly recommend Renteria Bakery!


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